Dr. Raghu Nagaraj

Dr. Raghu Nagaraj, is a leading Robotics Knee Replacement & Arthroscopic Surgeon,  advanced knee and shoulder specialist, performing Complex arthroscopy Acl , meniscus and shoulder surgeries in Bangalore, who is dedicated to bring world renowned Robotics Knee replacement, Arthroscopic & other joint replacement techniques to Fortis Bannerghatta & Fortis Cunningham Road.

Dr. Nagaraj Specialized in conventional and robotic Knee replacement surgery, arthroscopy, and pelvic-acetabular trauma. has a vast surgical experience covering the entire spectrum of orthopaedics by virtue of his training and clinical work. He has conducted several training courses in joint replacement & Arthroscopic surgery. He also runs a fellowship program to train young joint replacement surgeons.


Broken Neck (Cervical Fracture)

Cervical spinal fusion, Anterior cervical diskectomy and fusion (ACDF), Anterior cervical corpectomy and fusion (ACCF), Laminectomy, Laminoplasty, Artificial disk replacement (ADR)

Broken Shoulders (Shoulder Fractures)

Rotator cuff repairs, Total shoulder replacement, Acromioclavicular (AC) joint repairs, Arthroscopic SLAP repair, Arthroscopy for impingement syndrome, Biceps tendon surgery

Elbow Joint-Replacement (Epicondylitis)

Elbow interpositional arthroplasty, Total elbow replacement, Synovectomy, Radial neck elbow fracture, Olecranon elbow fracture and repair, Displaced supracondylar humerus elbow fracture

Hip Replacement (Hip Arthroplasty)

Minimally-invasive surgery, Total hip replacement, Bilateral hip replacement, Staged hip replacements, Hip resurfacing, Osteotomy, Hip preservation surgery, Hip arthroscopy

Knee Replacment (Patellofemoral Arthroplasty)

Meniscus repair, Meniscectomy, Plica removal, Tendon Repair, Microfracture, ACL Reconstruction, Knee replacements, Meniscus transplant, Lateral release, Arthrotomy

Broken Ankle (Ankle Fractures )

Ankle arthroscopy, Ankle fracture repair surgery, Ankle replacement, Ankle fusion, Tendon surgery, Lateral ankle ligament reconstruction (for chronic ankle instability or foot deformities)

Robotic Knee Surgeon in Bangalore

In 2017, Dr. Raghu Nagaraj founded Arthomed clinic with a vision to provide top quality Orthopaedic care with latest technology at affordable cost and supreme care.

Dedicated Orthopaedic Department

As a team of highly skilled orthopaedic surgeons, we have performed more than 25000+ major orthopaedic surgeries so far successfully. Our orthopaedic division is headed by Dr. Raghu Nagaraj.

Cashless Empanelment (Insurances / TPA)

We are enpaneled with almost all of the insurance companies for cashless treatment. Hence, you can avail treatment at our hospital without paying anything if you are insured.

Advanced Modern Equipments

We understands the urgency of medical emergency so we are equiped with modern Laminar Air Flow Twin operating Theatre, High frequency Image Intensifier (C-ARM), Digital X-Ray & Medical Facilities.

Physiotherapy & Home care

We provide expert care at your doorstep. In response to requests from patients, who are unable to travel to the hospital due to old age, disability, recovering from a fracture of the hip, leg, ankle, or any other major illness.

Center of Expertise

ArthoMed clinic offers exceptional patient care through its top-of-the-line facilities, skilled doctors and experienced staff.

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    What Our Patients Say:

    Read the inspiring stories of our patients as they share their treatment journeys..

    ShivaPrasad NShivaPrasad N
    16:12 20 May 22
    Recently underwent shoulder fracture surgery. Pre and Post Op went well. Thank you Fortis and Dr. Raghu Nagaraj for all good support and treatment.
    Pooja PPooja P
    15:04 11 May 22
    Let me share my experience, I just had a small fall in December 2021 since then went to several doctor got MRI done as well, but they prescribed with pain killers without rectifying what was actual causeDr Raghu Nagraj who explained me why I got shoulder and full hand pain with complete stiffness it was Labrum tear family and myself felt we are in right hands post to which I had to undergo bankrupt repair surgery now it's been one month from surgery hope will be recovered soonAbout Dr Raghu Nagraj, he will listen to all our complaints first then analyze and suggest exact solution he has lot of patience thank you doctor for all your suggestions before and after surgery also would like to thank his team at Fortis, Meenu, Dr Joycee, Sister Sathya....
    Vatsal JhaveriVatsal Jhaveri
    06:53 11 May 22
    Dr. Raghu is the best Doctor in Bangalore for any Arthroscopic surgeries. He had treated me for my PCL Avulsion Fixation and the surgery was done under 60 minutes. He explained me the entire procedure with the help of a Diagram and I gained confidence in him at the exact moment. I would highly recommend Dr. Raghu for any ACL or PCL related surgeries because he is one of the very few doctors who is a master at Arthroscopy. I would like to thank Dr. Raghu for his immense support and patience throughout.
    Balaraj k sBalaraj k s
    14:06 15 Apr 22
    Great doctor and best consultation I received for my Thumb UCL reconstruction surgery. His expertise and the time he gives for listening to the patient problemsis appreciated. I really recommend for anyone who has problems with the Bone,joints and other sports injuries.Doctor assistant Meenu deserves 👏🙌 for coordinating with the patients queries and any hospitalization related works.
    Farzene AshrafFarzene Ashraf
    06:27 13 Feb 22
    I approached Dr. Raghu during November 2021 with pain in my left shoulder. I've been having recurrent shoulder dislocation for both my shoulders since the past 13 years. I've already had an arthroscopy for my right shoulder once with no positive outcome about 12 years back at another hospital outside the country. This put me in a tough spot with going in for another surgery worrying about the outcome. However, Dr. Raghu gave me confidence by speaking in detail about the surgery he would perform, what works and doesn't in my case and post-surgery rehabilitation plans. On our first visit at his clinic, he waited until we got our MRI results to speak with us even though it was late in his day. Several things in his approach gave confidence not just to me, but also to my family about having doctor perform this surgery as opposed to the option of going to my native state for the same.So I went in for the surgery in December 2021. Through the course of days leading to the surgery, post-surgery time at the hospital and post discharge, Dr. Raghu was always available to address any questions, whether small or big. Now, about 2 weeks away from completing 2 months post the surgery, I feel my mobility has improved a lot, I still have a long way to go in my rehab, but I'm very satisfied about how the entire process has turned out.I would strongly recommend Dr. Raghu. He is a doctor who genuinely cares about the well-being of his patients. Thank you Doctor!!

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